What is Person-Centered Healthcare?

At the Ida Institute, we understand person-centered care to be healthcare that is designed around the client’s needs, wants and perspective.

There are many definitions of person-centered healthcare, which include many of the same core principles. Person-centered care respects the client’s preferences and values, involves family and friends, reinforces shared decision-making and goal setting, and prioritizes the free-flow of information.

The Person-Centered Hearing Network defines person-centered care accordingly:

Person-centered care (PCC) ensures that people are equal and active partners in the management of their hearing difficulties. Designed around the individual, PCC focuses on and is respectful of people’s needs and preferences, involves family and other communication partners, and includes shared decision-making and goal-setting.

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Person-Centered Care Definitions

Greater Satisfaction with Care

Better Treatment Adherence and Results

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