Hearing loss stories

Kathleen on taking control of hearing loss

Kathleen Raven was diagnosed with hearing loss as a child. In this video, she talks about advocating for herself and gaining confidence as an adult.

Nick on his social life with hearing loss

Nick Tedd was diagnosed with a hereditary hearing loss in his 20s. As an active, social person, he shares his tips for meeting friends at bars and restaurants that he knows will be easy to hear in.

Shari on person-centered care

Shari Eberts is the founder of Living with Hearing Loss. In this video, she tells how sharing her experiences with hearing loss has helped her personally, and what she is looking for from a hearing care professional.

Ann on getting a cochlear implant

Ann Rancourt's hearing loss was diagnosed when she was a baby. She has always used hearing aids, but decided to get a cochlear implant in one ear. She explains what information people with hearing loss need in order to make an informed decision about getting a CI.