Motivational Engagement

The Ida Institute’s second seminar series focused on motivational engagement. Seminar participants explored and reflected upon the concept of client motivation and its application in the hearing care community. During this exploration, participants considered the ability of hearing care professionals to use person-centered care principles and tools to sustain sufficient levels of motivation and enable clients to take constructive action on their hearing loss.

Most hearing care professionals are familiar with clients not following recommendations and not using their hearing aids or implementing communication strategies. Instead of recommending, persuading, or convincing the people with hearing loss to change their behavior, research has shown that physicians and counselors should aim to elicit that person's own motivation to change.

The seminar introduced the Motivation Tools as an effective way for hearing care professionals to help people with hearing loss motivate themselves to take action. The tools can help hearing care professionals identify how important it is for their clients to change their habits and how much the clients believes in their ability to change.

The seminar series consisted of three workshops that took place in May, August, and September of 2009. All three seminars were held in Skodsborg, Denmark.

Seminar Lectures

How to use the Ida Motivation Tools

Dave Fabry, Former chief at the University of Miller School of Medicine in Miami and past President of the American Academy of Audiology, provides an overview on how to use the Motivation Tools.

Behind the Motivation Tools

Hanne Tønnesen describes the theoretical underpinnings and rationale behind the Motivation Tools.

Giving our clients what they need

Lorraine Gailey, Chief Executive of the nonprofit Hearing Link, outlines how we can provide an environment that enables us to connect with our clients.

Bringing it all back home

John Greer Clark, Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati and president of Clark Audiology, explores how we can enable clients to tell us about the true impact of hearing loss on their lives.

Perceptions and motivations

John Greer Clark examines the ways we communicate with our clients and the communication mismatch dilemma.

Building relationships

Dave Fabry explores how to build relationships with clients in a relatively short time.


Lucille Beck

Lucille Beck reflects on the focus of the Motivational Engagement seminar series.  

John Greer Clark

Faculty member John Greer Clark reflects on the focus of the Motivation Engagement seminar series.