Benefits of person-centered care

In the last two decades, the person-centered approach has gained traction across hearing care, and healthcare more broadly.

Research and anecdotal evidence prove time and again that person-centered care improves outcomes, increases treatment uptake and adherence rates, leads to happier clients and staff, and has significant business benefits.

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The benefits

Better outcomes

The person-centered approach leads to better recovery, improved emotional health, and higher quality of life.

Better uptake and adherence

When patients receive individualized care, compliance and adherence rates are consistently higher.

More satisfied clients

When patients receive care centered around their needs, they are happier and more likely to recommend you to others.

Happier staff

Person-centered care leads to improved job satisfaction and higher staff retention rates.

Business benefits

The person-centered approach reduces the number of referrals and malpractice claims, saves time, and increases efficiency.