Advancing Person-Centered Care

At Ida, we believe that understanding the whole person is key to successful hearing rehabilitation. We develop tools, materials and resources that help hearing care professionals deliver care based on the needs and life situations of their clients.

At the Ida Institute, we understand person-centered care to be hearing care that is designed around the person with hearing loss. Person-centered care respects individual preferences and values, involves family, and reinforces shared decision making and goal setting.

Ethnographic Videos

We gather insights about people’s experiences living with hearing loss and about the interaction between the hearing care professional and their clients. Our ethnographic videos have inspired the development of person-centered care.

Our tools allow hearing care professionals to apply person-centered care in their daily practice. Others help people with hearing loss prepare for their appointments and manage hearing loss in daily life.  

Our tools and resources are developed through innovation seminars and workshops in collaboration with hearing care professionals worldwide.
Our tools and resources have been tested by hearing care professionals and academics around the world. Browse our research library if you want to know more.

Each year, the Ida Institute provides funding for new research projects. Learn more about our previously accepted proposals and how to apply for a grant.

Engage Our Services

Build a more person-centered team within your organization by having Ida's experienced presenters come for in-person presentations, workshops, or training sessions. 


Getting Started with Tele-audiology

Getting Started with Tele-audiology

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May 2016: Change Guide

Change Guide

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Ida receives input and advice from some of the leading academics and professionals in the world of hearing healthcare. Meet the experts who inform our work.

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