Getting started with tele-audiology

Information and resources to help you launch tele-audiology services.

Celebrating Hearing

To support World Hearing Day, the Ida Institute shared an awareness-raising campaign about the importance of taking action on your hearing loss.


Fit for the Future

What can you do to anticipate changes in hearing healthcare and future-proof your practice?

The Change Guide

How can you get consensus on a new initiative in your workplace?

The Tinnitus Challenge

What can hearing care professionals do to help patients manage their tinnitus?

Teens, Tweens, and Transitions

How can young people with hearing loss navigate the changes in their lives?


Feb 2015: Long Distance Learning

February - Long Distance Learning

Mar 2015: Ida in the VA

March - Ida Tools in VA Clinics

Apr 2015: Hearing Care Manager of the Future

April - Hearing Care Manager of the Future

May 2015: Tele-health

May - Telehealth in Audiology

June 2015: The Cochlear Implant Journey

June: The Cochlear Implant Journey

July 2015: University Course

July: New University Course

Aug 2015: Professional Development

August: Professional Development

Sep 2015: Family Centered Care

September - Family Centered Care

Oct 2015: Anthropology and Ethnography

Oct - Ethnography and hearing care

Nov 2015: Living Well

November - Living Well