gael hannan

De-stressing the distress of hearing loss

By Gael Hannan
Writer and hearing health advocate Gael Hannan looks at the ways hearing loss can cause stress and how stress can, in turn, make hearing loss or…
ida learning hall

Discover free courses in person-centered care in the Ida Learning Hall

By Clint McLean
The Ida Learning Hall is a place for online learning on person-centered care. Our courses are designed around bite-sized lessons, making it easy for…
nick tedd and his partner rob

When Nick met Rob: Managing hearing loss in a relationship

By Clint McLean
Nick has a hereditary hearing loss which he has learned to manage with technology and communication strategies. But hearing loss can still cause…
ronnie kaufmann and her grandson

A broken heart, a new beginning, and a support group for hearing loss

By Clint McLean
Hearing loss forced speech-language pathologist Ronnie Kauffman to retire. After relocating from New York to Israel to be near her son's family, she…
dr. esther fogel of comprehensive audiology

Newly Inspired New York clinic leads with good communication

By Clint McLean
Dr. Esther Fogel, owner of Comprehensive Audiology in Long Island, New York, shares her thoughts on person-centered care and the benefits of joining…
research library by pexels photo from unsplash

Article from Lamar University looks at person-centered strategies for effective communication

By Amanda Farah Cox
"Patient-Centered Strategies for Effective Communication During the Initial Audiological Consultation Sessions," published by a team at Lamar…
vision 2020 future of hearing care

Vision 2020 Revisited

By Lise Lotte Bundesen
Ida Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen reflects on the Ida Institute's Vision 2020 process. She looks at progress made in telehealth in audiology,…
gael hannan

Peer mentoring for hearing loss success

By Gael Hannan
Writer and hearing health advocate Gael Hannan shares her experiences on both sides of peer mentorship. She tells how having a mentor can help a…
barbara kelley hearing loss association of americaa

Ida Institute welcomes HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley to Advisory Board

By Amanda Farah Cox
Hearing Loss Association of America Executive Director Barbara Kelley has joined the Advisory Board of the Ida Institute. Kelley joins a board of…
shari eberts living with hearing loss

Why audiologists should recommend peer support

By Shari Eberts
Writer and hearing health advocate Shari Eberts shares her experiences with in-person support groups and online peer support for hearing loss. She…

Call for proposals for the 2020 Ida Research Grant

By Amanda Farah Cox
The Ida Institute is accepting proposals for it's 2020 Research Grant. Ida is looking to fund projects related to My Hearing Explained, assessing the…
sue falkingham baa president

Interview: Sue Falkingham on audiology, BAA, and person-centered care

By Clint McLean
Outgoing British Academy of Audiology president Sue Falkingham discusses her tenure leading the BAA, building up regional BAA groups, forming a…

Gael Hannan: That's what friends are for

By Gael Hannan
Writer and hearing care advocate Gael Hannan shares how hearing loss has affected her friendships, connected her to new people, and, despite…

Partnering for person-centered care in pediatrics

By Clint McLean
The Ida Institute presented a workshop on person-centered care in pediatrics to audiologists, speech-language pathologists, community workers, ENTs,…

Students around the world engaging with person-centered care projects

By Ellen Pucke
Students at Rush University, Aston University, and the University of São Paulo have used Ida Institute tools and resources as the basis of research…

New tool helps people better understand their hearing test results

By Clint McLean
My Hearing Explained is a new tool from the Ida Institute that helps people with hearing loss understand their hearing test results. The tool explains…

Gael Hannan: Hearing hints at Halloween

By Gael Hannan
Hearing health advocate Gael Hannan shares her experiences trick-or-treating on Halloween as a child with hearing loss. She shares tips to make it…

Making it personal: How one Inspired clinic in Texas makes a difference one house at a time

By Clint McLean
Dr. Amy Badstubner of Elite Audiology Resources in Southlake, Texas, offers audiology house calls to her clients. Here she shares why person-centered…

How your clients can prepare for appointments with Ida Telecare

By Amanda Farah Cox
Telehealth in audiology doesn't have to be complicated. Ida Telecare tools are designed to help people with hearing loss prepare for audiology…