Expanding PCC in China

By Helle Gjønnes Møller

Over the past decade, the field of hearing health has truly started to embrace the concept of person-centered care (PCC). Increasingly, the approach is integrated into national and international standards, embedded in training programs, and implemented in clinical practice – both in private and public settings.

This trend is also emerging in China, where Ida’s Consultant, Dr Mei, Dingxiang Feng has been working to increase awareness of PCC since early 2021. Together with a core advocacy group of key opinion leaders, Dr Feng has established a growing community, covering hearing care professionals, patient associations, academia, and industry. And in just one year, the group has seen excellent results from its various PCC initiates.

“This is a group of true pioneers in PCC,” says Professor Ma Furong, Vice President of the Second Committee of the ENT Department of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association. “We’ve made great progress in promoting the approach in audiology – and I very much hope that PCC can extend to other fields as well and help transform the wider medical model in China.”

Lise Lotte Bundesen, Managing Director of the Ida Institute, says, “Effective implementation of PCC requires a strong collaboration across borders. We greatly value the work and commitment of our PCC collaborators in China, and we’re delighted to be working with such a skilled group of knowledgeable individuals.”

The Ida team would like to extend our warmest gratitude and appreciation to the Chinese PCC advocacy group. Specifically, a big thank you to Professor Ma Furong, Dr Wen Jiang, Dr Hongbin Tian, Dr Liping Zhang, Zhihong Zheng, Dr Carol Peng, Xiaofeng Li, Dr Guoping Li, and Dr Guoyi Liu. We’re exciting to see what new initiatives the group will explore in the coming year.