They’re prolific, they’re practical, and they’re our newest partner. Meet…

By Clint McLean
We're thrilled to be partnering with the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association.

How providers can help people like me manage tinnitus

By Shari Eberts
Tinnitus can be just as bothersome as hearing loss. Shari Eberts explains how hearing care professionals can help.

My love affair with hearing aids (and the professionals who fit them)

By Gael Hannan
Since getting her first "loud and ugly" hearing aid in 1975, Gael Hannan has gradually learned to love her devices, and her audiologists.

Telehealth top of the agenda among consumers, professionals, and academics

By Judith Vonberg
At the latest gathering of the Person-Centered Hearing Network, the word on everyone's lips was "telehealth."

Remote appointments are more manageable than you think

By Clint McLean
Trevor Menchenton started offering remote appointments during the pandemic and says it doesn't have to be intimidating.

Nova Southeastern University forms latest strategic addition to the PCHN

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
At the Ida Institute, we are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Florida. With one of the largest…

From global to local: Better hearing care through cultural understanding

By Clint McLean
Find out how we're working with locals to spread person-centered care in South Africa.

Tips for maintaining well-being in the clinic

By Judith Vonberg
Compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma are common among people in caring roles, including hearing care professionals. Here's what you can do to help…

Free new course presents an evolution in pediatric hearing care: Child-centered care

By Clint McLean
This online course guides professionals in the theory and practice of involving young clients in their own hearing care.

Fighting hearing aid stigma, one patient at a time

By Michael Lawrence, Audiology Student, De Montfort University, UK
Michael sees the impact of hearing aid stigma in many of his patients. But he's no stranger to it - he's worn aids since he was four.

Aston University: Supporting students to become person-centered professionals

By Clint McLean
Saira Hussain from the UK university explains how Ida Institute tools and online courses are incorporated into Aston's audiology program.

Can a documentary inspire person-centered care?

By Shari Eberts
We Hear You is an award-winning documentary about – and produced by – women with hearing loss that has valuable insights for hearing care…

University of Cape Town: Expanding person-centered care in South Africa

By Clint McLean
The fifth in our series of interviews with members of the Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN).

How to measure star quality

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
Many of the skills and qualities that characterize person-centered care (PCC) are difficult to measure. Nonetheless, there is a growing incentive to…

Person-centered care requires links to the hearing loss community

By Shari Eberts
Interacting with the hearing loss community in real world settings will help audiologists better understand their patients’ concerns.

Life with a CI

By Karin Weiser
Getting a cochlear implant can be a complex and overwhelming decision. In this blog, Karin Weiser describes some of her initial experiences as a CI…

The University of Southampton: Reducing stigma and supporting students

By Judith Vonberg
The University of Southampton in the UK only became an Ida Institute partner in 2020, but their commitment to person-centered hearing care (PCC) is…

Soundfair: Educating, advocating, and telling stories

By Judith Vonberg
Soundfair works with people with hearing loss and the communities around them to educate, advocate, and bring meaningful change across Australia.…

When the patient becomes the audiologist

By Michael Lawrence, Audiology student, De Montfort University, UK
Despite having worn hearing aids for over 15 years, Michael Lawrence had never considered becoming an audiologist. That's until he met Ruth, the first…

Inspired by Ida launched in Brazil at the 36th EIA conference

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
This week, hearing care professionals from all over Brazil gathered online at the 36th Encontro Internacional de Audiologia (EIA). At the conference,…