A future study of hearing care: The first Future Hearing Journeys report is here

By Clint McLean
The Future Hearing Journeys report illuminates core elements in future hearing care to prepare for and pitfalls to avoid, while forecasting such…

Inspiring the next generation of practitioners

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
Healthcare organizations are increasingly striving to provide care that is centered around the person, not the diagnosis. To implement such a cultural…

New Ida resources launching at AAA Virtual

By Judith Vonberg
Two years ago, we were at the American Association of Audiology conference in Columbus, US. If you were there, perhaps you stopped by our booth for a…

Obi-Wan Kenobi joins Inspired by Ida

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
In 2001, Ben Mann established Click Hearing in Essex, UK. Today, the Click Hearing team is proud to be delivering exceptional customer service, giving…

Improving job satisfaction through person-centered care

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
Clinical work is often emotional work, and burnout is common. But practitioners can take action to reduce stress and improve job satisfaction.

In praise of sea otters and shapeshifters for delivering PCC

By Clint McLean
Audiologist Carly Girard was just 29 when she bought Illinois-based Hearing Associates in 2012. Since then, she’s led many updates to the business,…

Does your clinic’s marketing embody person-centered care?

By Shari Eberts
Many adverts for hearing aids and hearing care clinics feature smiling seniors without a hearing aid in sight. We’re sold the idea that hearing aids…

My CI journey – overcoming fear and shaping destiny

By Karin Weiser
Getting a cochlear implant is no easy decision. In this blog, International Business Coach and writer Karin Weiser describes her journey and explains…

WHO Medical Director Shelly Chadha on the first ever World Report on Hearing

By Judith Vonberg
On World Hearing Day 2021, the World Health Organization published the first ever World Report on Hearing. We spoke to Shelly Chadha, one of the…

Sowing the seeds for a person-centered future in Quebec

By Judith Vonberg
The Ida Institute’s Motivation Tools are now available in French, thanks to the passion and hard work of Karina Moïn-Darbari, a student at Université…

World Hearing Forum Call for Changemakers’ stories

Your real-life experiences and personal stories can inspire and influence others to improve the world for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.…

Helpful tips to support patients in the clinic

By Shari Eberts
A visit to the hearing clinic can be an emotional experience. It is up to the hearing care professional to make sure the patient feels comfortable and…

Better relationships through the Communication Partners tools

By Clint McLean
Valentine’s Day is met with anxious anticipation by some, and trepidation by others. But regardless of how we feel about February 14th, communication…

Tackling tinnitus during COVID

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
To mark Tinnitus Week 2021, we spoke with Clinical Audiologist and Tinnitus Expert Regitze Willemoës about the nature of the condition and about…

Ida announces new Advisory Board

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
The Ida Institute is pleased to announce the latest incarnation of our Advisory Board. The new Advisory Board will welcome Ruth Thomsen, Scientific…

Ida partners with NAL to strengthen evidence-base for PCC

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
The Ida Institute is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research division of Hearing Australia.

New resources for a truly personalized telehealth experience

By Helle Gjønnes Møller
To help professionals and people with hearing loss navigate the telehealth journey, Ida has now extended our telecare portfolio, transforming some of…

Preparing for the future

By Lise Lotte Bundesen
As we enter 2021, Ida’s Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen looks back upon a year that turned out very differently from what anyone expected.

Staying sane and connected in COVID

By Gael Hannan
During a holiday season that's unlike any other, Gael Hannan, writer, humorist, and public speaker, offers some helpful tips for staying sane and…

The future of hearing healthcare is under construction

By Shari Eberts
Ida recently organized two online innovation workshops with stakeholders from around the world to explore the changing landscape in audiology. Learn…