Share Books

Encourage students to read books about hearing loss to raise awareness of the issue!

Idea At A Glance

Encouraging students to read books about hearing loss can help them appreciate their hearing and realize how important it is for them to protect it. Reading about how others have faced the daily challenges of living with hearing loss could also encourage children to speak with their parents and family about hearing loss.

There are numerous novels and actual accounts of hearing loss. You could encourage your school's library or a local library to purchase some of these books. To encourage students to read the books, they could be placed on a summer reading list. Alternatively, your school could purchase a set of the books, allowing you to incorporate the book into your course curriculum.


Katherine Bouton, a former editor at the New York Times, recently wrote a book about hearing loss, drawing upon her first-hand experience with mid-life hearing loss. She began to lose her hearing in her early 30’s, and her hearing loss gradually grew worse. While she has used many types of hearing aids and received a cochlear implant, she has come to the realization that she will never be able to hear well again, and may never be able to hear her family when going out to eat in a noisy restaurant.

Potential Impact

Reading a book about hearing loss could help transform a student's relationship to the issue and to their own hearing. If they are more aware of hearing loss at a young age, they may be more likely to discuss the issue with their parents and encourage family members to act on their hearing.