Invite Speakers to School

Invite persons with hearing loss to share their personal journey to students!

Idea at a glance

Your school can start a nation-wide educational movement to help young people appreciate the value of hearing. Invite hearing impaired persons to speak at your school to help students recognize hearing loss as an important health issue.

Reach out to nonprofit organizations and local hearing clinics to find hearing impaired persons who are interested in sharing their story with students. By sharing personal stories about living with hearing loss, they can educate young children and young adults about what it is really like to have a hearing loss. These talks can encourage students to take care of their hearing and be more aware of risky noise situations.


Macmillan is a non-profit, charity organization in the United Kingdom that provides health care, information, and support to people affected by cancer. To raise general awareness of cancer and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, Macmillan offers a free speakers program where representatives from the organization can present at assemblies or other school events. These talks can help motivate students to support organizations like Macmillan and volunteer to help in different ways.

Potential impact

Sponsoring a speakers program at your school can help change an entire generation's perspective on hearing health and hearing loss.

A narrative style, where students learn about hearing loss through a personal story of challenges and achievements can motivate students to reflect on the message and discover personal meaning in the information conveyed.

If students share what they learned with their parents, it could motivate family members to change their behavior and decide to take action on their hearing.