Sound Domes

Attract attention for hearing through a public demonstration in the center of your city or town!

Idea at a glance

Hearing is an essential part of life. How does one convey this simple, yet important thought, to the masses?

Your organization can showcase the value of hearing by bringing sounds directly to the people. Sound-proof glass domes could be placed in large cities where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. Each dome would offer an insulated sound environment. A well-known music group could be playing in one dome. Another could play scenes from daily life reenacted by famous celebrities or actors. Near the domes, you could share information about hearing loss and possible action steps.

People outside of the dome would be excluded from the fun, drama, and entertainment taking place in the sound-proof spaces. They could look through the glass, and see what is taking place, but not take part. The domes would propel people to contemplate the value of hearing and the effects of hearing loss.


As part of the 2011 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, Daniel Popper created a sculpture of a Baobab tree made from recycled and sustainable materials to raise awareness of sustainable practices.

The interactive artwork invites the public to be a part of the installation and to work towards a more sustainable environment. The sculpture's lighting is powered by bicycles surrounding the artwork or energy stored in batteries. People walking by the sculpture can get inspired to take action after watching others power the sculpture.

Potential impact

Public demonstrations can quickly grab the attention of the public. The sound domes would mark a stake in the ground, a symbol in a public space that hearing is important and should be discussed.

The sound domes could be combined with a website and useful information about how people can take action on their hearing. Local news media such as television stations and newspapers could be involved in the event to spark interest and further spread information.