Online Game

Create an online video game that is both fun and educational at the same time!

Idea at a glance

Video games are fun. They challenge people to reach new levels and gain more points by learning new tactics and strategies.

Your organization could sponsor or help create an interactive game to harness this excitement and encourage people to learn more about hearing health and hearing loss.

There are many possibilities for online video games: an interactive board game where players navigate through life while trying to avoid obtaining a hearing loss, an environment where one can practice communication strategies, or a game where one goes through a day with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.

Social features utilizing social media outlets could encourage players to share progress with friends and family, enticing others to join in the game.


EdHeads is an online resource that contains free science and math games that promote critical thinking and learning. The "Crash Scene Investigation" game challenges players to examine evidence and calculate the forces of crashed car. The website also contains games on medical topics, including "Stem Cell Heart Repair" and "Airotic Aneurysm Surgery", providing players with an interactive insight into vascular surgery.

Potential impact

Well-designed video games have the potential to be powerful teaching tools, especially in the area of health management.

One study found that children and teenagers improved their self-management of diabetes after plying a health education video game.