Documentary Film

Create a documentary film to showcase how hearing loss effects societies and individuals around the world!

Idea at a glance

Hearing loss is misunderstood by many people. A documentary film following the lives of individuals with hearing loss and their families could educate millions on what it means to live with a hearing impairment.

The documentary could focus on hearing impaired persons of different ages who use different techniques to cope with their impairment. By providing a mix of factual information about hearing health and personal stories , the documentary could provide a balanced account of what it means to live with hearing loss. 

The documentary film could also focus on the widespread impact of hearing loss on societies around the world. This information could encourage thousands to take action and raise awareness of hearing loss in their communities. 


An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim about former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore's efforts to educate people about the consequences of global warming. The film helped start a global discussion about climate change and reenergize environmental groups to raise broad public awareness of the issue.

In 2012, actor, director, and longtime environmental activist, Robert Redford, partnered with his son, Jamie Redford, to create a film documentary about the Colorado River System in the United States. The film highlights how the Colorado River, a vital water source for over 30 million people, may be devastated by global warming and overdevelopment. Using the Colorado River System as an example, the film aims to raise awareness of global water issues and the need to develop sustainable solutions.

Potential impact

Documentaries can highlight aspects or subgroups of society that people may not otherwise see or think about. They can help mobilize broad social movements and  sustain alternative spheres of public discourse.

Compared to most mass-market feature films, documentaries typically can be created with a far smaller budget. This can make many documentaries more attractive to film production companies, opening a window of opportunity for film makers and directors.