Silent/Noisy Places Blog

Write about the importance of sounds and hearing in your daily life to inspire others!

Idea at a glance

As humans, we maintain a complex web of relationships with each other and our natural environment. Whether we live in a bustling city or a small town, noises and sounds are a part of our life.

As we go through our busy day, we often don't take the time to reflect on these sounds.

Start a blog that describes silent and noisy places in your life. Your blog could challenge people from around the world to describe their own sound environments. In the end, the blog could help encourage people to appreciate their sound environments and recognize the value of hearing.


The University of Salford started an exciting research project asking people from around the world to record 30 second sound clips from their personal environments or 'soundscapes'. The clips are then pinned to a Google Map, allowing people to listen to different sounds by country and region. The project aims to shed light on how everyday sounds make us feel and contribute to our lives.

Sounds of Europe aims to paint a picture of the different ways people and organizations are using field sound recordings. The project's blog highlights activities and artistic projects that explore the sounds of the world, creating an international exchange of understandings regarding sound and listening.

Potential impact

Instead of focusing on the loss of hearing, this blog would raise awareness by increasing people’s appreciation for hearing and sounds.

The blog could inspire readers to discover how much they value sounds in their daily lives. An appreciation of sound would increase the value of hearing, making hearing a sense that deserves to be protected and enhanced through hearing devices.