Write a Newspaper Article

Reach out to your community newspaper and highlight hearing loss as an important health issue!

Idea at a glance

Your clinic is most likely situated in a region with a local or regional newspaper. Local newspapers provide communities with valuable information on local issues, events and happenings. These newspapers often operate under a tight budget and are on the lookout for quality content to share with their readers.

Writing an article or opinion piece in your local newspaper can expose your community to hearing loss as an important health issue. The article can help readers understand the signs of hearing loss and its effect on society at large. Moreover, the article can encourage those that show signs of hearing loss to seek help and contact your hearing clinic for further assistance.


Paula Sutton is a professional archaeologist who grew up in Truckee, Utah, in the United States. She has a moderately severe hearing loss and was enrolled at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. In 2008, Paula wrote a special article in the Tahoe Daily Tribune, describing how hearing loss can have a big effect on daily life. The article provided information on resources where individuals could learn more about hearing loss and seek help if necessary.

Potential impact

Local newspapers provide valuable information to their community. It is important for them to cover all aspects of a reader’s life. Doing so allows local newspapers to connect to their readership.

Writing an article about hearing loss in a local newspaper can help start a community-wide discussion about the issue, bringing the topic of hearing loss out of the closet and onto the front porches and breakfast tables of local homes.