Public Library Talks

Partner with local libraries to provide informational lectures about hearing loss in a neutral environment.

Idea at a glance

A great deal of confusing and often contradictory information about hearing loss treatment options exists. For an adult who finds it challenging to engage in social interactions due to acquired, progressive hearing loss, the task of assessing this information can add to a general sense of being overwhelmed.

Make it easier for people to receive quality information about hearing loss by organizing a speaker series at your local library.

You can work with the library to ensure the events are on the library's calendar of events. Reach out to local community organizations and clubs to help attract participants to the events.


The Boston Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America launched a program to reach out to persons who are unsure about hearing solutions that are right for them. The speaker series offers information on the basics of hearing loss, the role of hearing aids and assistive listening devices, and health insurance coverage.

Potential impact

Holding informational meetings at public libraries can attract a broad group of people who may be on the fence about taking action and visiting a clinic, but are interested in learning more about hearing loss.

As a community market place for public education, library talks can help break down the all too common resistance to treatment and action. Participants may be inspired to speak with other participants and share experiences about hearing loss. This may make it more likely for some to take action on their hearing loss and seek assistance from a hearing professional.