Communication Card

Give clients a card so they can be seen quickly and easily, even with no appointment!

Idea at a glance

When clients arrive to the clinic without an appointment, it can create a number of different challenges. It can be embarrassing for the client, as in many cases they may have trouble communicating with the receptionist if their hearing instrument is not functioning. This can often result in a nonproductive shouting match across the reception desk. 

Why not issue a communication card to all clients that are unable to call the clinic and make an appointment if their hearing aid breaks down?

The card would state that the client can arrive anytime within opening hours with no appointment if their device has failed. All the client would have to do is present the card to the receptionist and wait for the next available time slot.


The State of Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission website allows people to create a Hard of Hearing communication card. The card contains a personalized message outlining the appropriate options and strategies a person should use to communicate effectively with the card holder.

Potential impact

A communication card can help preserve the dignity of clients when they visit the clinic without an appointment. It can also help the reception staff communicate with clients who have difficulty hearing without their hearing aid.

Although one might consider this to be a small innovation, a communication card can help maintain a strong, positive relationship between clients and your clinic, thus helping to sustain the client's motivation to continue managing their hearing loss.