Young Doctors and Kids as Ambassadors

Raise broad awareness of hearing loss by targeting new doctors and children!

Idea at a glance

This multi-tiered activity encourages elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to develop cooperative initiatives that promote hearing health and improve the quality of life in communities through academic-university tutoring.

Under the guidance of college professors, graduate and undergraduate students (Leaders) work together using a core international training kit in order to train elementary and high school students (Young Ambassadors) on hearing healthcare, prevention and early diagnosis. The Young Ambassadors, once trained, go out and educate their communities.

Based on a successful pilot launched in Brazil, this community-engagement program will empower young people around the world to become ambassadors for hearing health among their family, friends, and neighbors.

University students (Leaders) will mobilize young ambassadors through training and education sessions that focus on good hearing health practices, hearing protection and preservation, and practical communication skills such as how to "clear speak" to assist people with hearing loss in one-on-one conversations.