Sounds of Art Prize

Organize a global competition where artists portray sound through art!

Idea at a glance

This international competition challenges artists to interpret the beauty and importance of sound in our world by using a variety of visual mediums, such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, videos and experiential multi-media.

Artists from around the world will use their creative talents to submit artwork that moves and inspires individuals, communities, and societies to appreciate the many ways that sound enriches our world and our lives.

The subtext of this overarching message will be the importance of protecting one's hearing and the value of regular hearing checks and modern hearing solutions.

To engage the general public, the first prize winner and 30 top entries will travel to cities around the world. At each stop, people touring the exhibition will cast their votes for a "People's Choice" winner.

An associated "children's art show competition" would allow children worldwide to join the fun and create artwork and compete for awards. Regional schools and teachers could be mobilized and engaged with teaching materials to bring students to the show as well join the competition.