Risk Button and Noise Control

Equip portable media players with volume monitoring alerts at risky noise levels!

Idea at a glance

"YouHear" is a novel but highly functional mobile application to help people monitor their risk for hearing damage when listening to portable media players.

The app alert would be compatible with iPods, mobile phones and other electronic devices. It would enable people to protect their hearing through a built-in volume monitor that alerts users when volumes reach ear-damaging levels.

Simple-to-use and easy-to-interpret, green-yellow-red caution sensors inform people as volumes approach risky levels. The app features an ear icon that flashes colored lights - green (level ok), yellow (level ok but no higher), red (level too high) - to help users easily determine if their volume is at a safe level. When volumes approach unsafe levels or when music at higher noise levels have been played for long periods at a time, the red alert lights flash.

The universally appealing and understandable YouHear app can be downloaded free of charge from app stores and music and tech websites. It also has the potential to be preloaded (provided free of charge) on all media devices at the factory level - ensuring widespread reach of built-in monitoring technology and supporting hearing awareness by a simple "ear" icon.