Look Who's Hearing

Adorn well-known sculptures from around the world with hearing aids for a day!

Idea at a glance

"Look Who's Hearing!" is an international public art initiative that makes provocative and imaginative use of well-known and well-loved statues in major cities around the world.

Local artists will be invited to create customized fiber glass hearing aids. The hearings aids will be placed on public statues located in city centers and tourist attractions around the world.

The hearing aids will feature artwork and designs specific to the region's culture. Each will be accompanied by a display describing the artist's vision and information about hearing health and hearing loss.

Launch parties, in collaboration with major museums, will kick off the happenings in each market and create high profile publicity for the Look Who's Hearing message.

At the conclusion of each city-wide event, the artist-designed hearing aids could be mounted as sculptures and auctioned off to benefit local hearing-related charities and advocacy groups.