Hearing Tone Test Card

Check if you need a hearing test by using a greeting card that plays a simple tone!

Idea at a glance

The idea is to create an inexpensive, electronic card that serves as a clever and practical hearing checker. The pocket-size card fits neatly into wallets and purses and uses simple electronic technology found in popular "singing" greeting cards - with an important difference.

Users simply press a button on the card while the song plays. The song contains high and low frequency tones - a yellow light activates as the "test tone" plays and users press a button if they hear subsequent sounds. A red or green light indicates if the user has "heard correctly" or could benefit from a visit to a hearing care professional for a hearing check.

The card has strong "pass-along" appeal. It can be reused numerous times to test family members or colleagues. The inexpensive, interactive device offers many opportunities for dissemination - via handouts at events such as rock concerts, community health fairs, community events, and as an insert in magazines.

The card can be easily re-designed to keep the concept fresh and to allow sponsors to customize the theme and incorporate healthy hearing advice and tips. 

An interactive website could be launched to support the card and provide users with additional information about hearing care, hearing loss prevention and steps to take to find the right hearing care professional.