Hearing Loss Ice Cream

Create a unique ice cream flavor promotes hearing loss awareness!

Idea at a glance

Ice Cream companies such as Ben and Jerry's and Haagen-Daz have long used their flavors to create awareness of important issues. Ice cream makers have tackled issues such as global warming, nuclear weapons, preservation of the Baltic Sea, and marriage equality.

In partnership with a major ice cream manufacturer, commission a new "hearing loss" themed ice cream, such as Hear Dear, to build awareness for hearing health and hearing loss. This fun and whimsical (yet effective) idea can appeal to audiences worldwide and can be used to raise money for hearing advocacy and other hearing-related causes.

To increase educational outreach, this special themed flavor will feature colorful package graphics that reinforce hearing health messages with sketches and quick tips. Advertising can also direct consumers to an interactive website that features hearing health games, quizzes and FAQs to educate visitors on the benefits of hearing health and encourage them to protect and value their hearing.

This project will be a win-win for the manufacturer and the cause of hearing health. Manufacturers demonstrate good corporate citizenship and community service while building customer loyalty and creating buzz about their products.