Hearing Environments Concept Train

Make a concept train with different sections to simulate sound environments!

Idea at a glance

This concept train is fitted with individual cars that provide an entertaining and educational journey into different sound environments.

The train will travel to high-traffic locations, inviting people to step inside for an aural treat. Rather than focus on the challenges and effects of hearing loss, the train will help people appreciate the way hearing enhances their quality of life.

In cooperation with regional railways systems worldwide, the free public exhibit would be housed in 4-6 train cars and be adapted to reflect the local language and culture. The train will roll into central train stations in participating markets and open for public tours over a two week period.

Designed for high educational and entertainment value, the mobile exhibition will give visitors an experience much like a three-dimensional storybook. Videos, interactive games, and headphones will help visitors discover how hearing enhances the quality of our lives.

Visitors will also gain a better understanding of the ways in which untreated hearing loss impacts people by experiencing sound simulations in a variety of everyday scenarios.