Hairdressers Spot Hearing Loss

Educate hairdressers about hearing loss so they can strike up conversations with customers!

Idea at a glance

Almost everyone has experienced the special bond between clients and hairdressers. A campaign that leverages this special bond has the unique opportunity to start important conversations about hearing and hearing loss.

This targeted hearing health/hearing protection advocacy program mobilizes hairdressers and salon professionals to promote healthy hearing practices among their clients, taking full advantage of their client's time in the salon.

Working through national hair styling professional associations, major hair styling chains, and salon-product manufacturers, the Hairdressers & Hearing Awareness Initiative Relay (HHAIR) will provide salon professionals worldwide with hearing health and hearing loss awareness education.

The two-part training modules will focus on: 1) best hearing health practices in salons to protect both client and professionals; 2) conversation starters for clients that enable stylists to deliver home hair care/hearing health tips as well as more general information about protecting hearing in everyday life.

Training sessions can be promoted and scheduled at hairdressers' industry events and through e-learning courses available on a dedicated HHAIR website. Among the topics covered at the sessions will be a focus on the smart use of blow dryers.