Eyes, Teeth, Hearing Checked

Establish routine hearing tests by associating them with checking your eyes and teeth!

Idea At A Glance

This idea links a simple message to the iconic Three Wise Monkeys symbol to raise awareness of the need for regular hearing health checks: "Since others can tell that I'm not hearing well, it's just being wise to check your hearing like eyes." The clever mnemonic is reinforced by a hearing-friendly interpretation of the three wise monkeys (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) that helps to establish routine hearing checks as part of the already recognized routine of getting one's eyes and teeth checked on a regular basis. The mnemonic and visual reminder suits a variety of mediums, including print and broadcast advertisements, websites, billboards, bus posters, and cinema trailers. The simple message and mascot could be showcased at major national and international events as oversized balloons (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) or major health conferences and health legislator/regulatory meetings. Billboard campaigns, public transportation posters, washable street graffiti and gobos (optical light projections in the sky) all provide avenues to bring the mnemonic and Wise Monkeys symbol into the popular vernacular.