About the Ideas

The Competition

In 2012, the Ida Institute and the Oticon Foundation launched a global, online competition to identify ideas to raise awareness for hearing loss and inspire people to take action on their hearing.

The competition harnessed the creativity of the global public and identified over 400 ideas that could put hearing loss on the public agenda and encourage people to take action on their hearing.

An expert panel of judges, made up of thought leaders from the fields of hearing care, marketing, and communication met in January 2013 to choose the three most innovative ideas in the competition.

The three winning ideas of the competition were announced and celebrated at the American Academy of Audiologists Conference in Anaheim, California, in April 2013.

Ideas Worth Hearing

We received so many excellent ideas in the competition, that we wanted to share the ideas online to inspire individuals and organizations to take action and raise awareness of hearing loss in their community.

We looked through all of the ideas in the competition, and identified the ideas that were the most easy-to-implement for individuals, clinics, schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

The result of this work is Ideas Worth Hearing. We hope that this collection of ideas will inspire people to change their world and raise awareness of hearing loss.

Collaboration Continues

The competition may have ended, but we want to keep the collaborative process going! 

If you have gone ahead and implemented one of the ideas on the website, we want to hear your story. Your story can help inspire others to take action and make a difference. If you have completed one of the ideas, please contact us.

We are still looking for new, innovative ideas to add to the Ideas Worth Hearing website. If you have a creative idea for a simple yet effective project to raise awareness of hearing loss, please let us know!

Behind the Project

The Ida Institute is a non-profit, independent organization located in Denmark and funded by a grant from the Oticon Foundation

Our mission is to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics associated with hearing loss. 

We primarily work to share knowledge and tools with hearing care professionals to enable them to better understand the perspectives and needs of their patients. In this way, we aim to make patient-centered care the core of hearing care practice around the world.

Ideas Worth Hearing is an example of our continued work to raise awareness of the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of hearing loss.