New eLearning Course on Telehealth in Hearing Care

p>The Ida Institute is excited to launch a new course on tele-audiology in our Learning Hall. This new eLearning course takes a comprehensive look at telehealth in audiology and why it’s an important component of a modern hearing care practice. This includes looking at the practical measures for implementing tele-audiology into your practice and different ways of maintaining a person-centered approach even when you aren’t meeting clients face-to-face.

The course was developed by Frances Lockhart of Australian Hearing, who recently designed our tele-audiology University Course module. Frances walks through the process of implementing tele-audiology step-by-step, including how to use and implement Ida Telecare tools as a way of incorporating person-centered care in telehealth. The course also features videos of real telehealth appointments to demonstrate how easy it can be to connect with your clients across the miles, whether it’s conducing a full appointment remotely or helping clients prepare for their appointment at home.

All Learning Hall courses are available for free. Upon completing the courses, you can register for free CEUs/CPDs with different accrediting bodies including: American Academy of Audiology, AG Bell, British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, Audiology Australia, and Health Professions Council of South Africa. Visit the Learning Hall to learn more and get started with the new course.