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Discover free courses in person-centered care in the Ida Learning Hall

By Clint McLean

Take a trip to the Ida Learning Hall and discover our free courses in person-centered care. The courses are constructed in bite-sized pieces so you can do them on the go, whenever you have time. We recently revamped the Ida Learning Hall to make it more user friendly. It has a great new look and feel and makes accessing the educational material easier than ever. And, since the courses are accredited by several major organizations, you can earn CEUs/CPDs while sharpening your counseling abilities.

Person-centered care is treatment that’s designed around the individual. It respects their preferences, involves family, and includes shared decision-making and goal setting. Person-centered care leads to better outcomes and more satisfied patients. Ida was a pioneer in creating person-centered methods and processes and we’re dedicated to helping hearing care professionals deliver the best care possible.

Ida Learning Hall courses are suitable for new students in hearing care through to seasoned pros looking to stay current. They can help improve your person-centered skills with lessons like: Applying PCC in the Appointment, Getting Started with Person-Centered Care, Tele-Audiology, Tinnitus Management, and Client Engagement. You can also learn to use Ida tools like the Line, the Box, and the Circle to open communication with your clients and better understand their needs and motivations.

The Learning Hall is also home to the Inspired by Ida program. The Inspired by Ida label is a benchmark of quality that demonstrates a dedication to person-centered care. To become Inspired, clinicians complete two online courses in person-centered methods and sign a code of ethics underscoring their commitment to PCC.

Ida Project Manager, Bert Meijers, who oversees the Learning Hall says, “Learning Hall courses dive deep into topics but deliver the material in a clear and memorable way using videos, texts, and short quizzes. Some courses have been translated into other languages so they’re accessible to a more diverse range of students.”

Each course is led by a specialist in the field. For example, Samantha Tai is your tutor for our latest course Applying PCC in the Appointment. Tai is a lecturer and clinical audiologist at the University of Melbourne. She holds a BASc, GDipAudSc, MClinAud, and a PhD in patient-centered communication in audiology education.

In the course, Tai leads students through the components of person-centered communication, the Calgary-Cambridge Guides, the Four Habits, building therapeutic relationships, involving patients in decision-making, applying communication tasks in different scenarios, and the SPIKE protocol.

At the end of each course, learners can choose to buy a digital badge for $10 USD. These can be used on a CV, in emails, or on websites to announce newly acquired skills.

Meijers says, “We’ve made a great leap forward with the updated Learning Hall but still have lots of new material in development. Anyone who has looked at Learning Hall courses in the past should check back since fresh courses are being released all the time.”

You can read more about our courses and how to get started on our Learning Hall page.