Person-centered care

Every hearing care professional strives to provide the best possible treatment for their clients. Whether you need a new clinical tool to support your counseling efforts, are looking for new information and skills, or to earn CEUs/CPDs, Ida tools and resources help you provide personalized care and signal to your clients and colleagues that you value your clients' perspectives.

Looking for inspiration on how to introduce person-centered care into your practice? Our Motivation Tools offer easy ways to assess your client's readiness for change and decide together on an appropriate next step. You can also involve family and friends using our Communication Partner tools to structure the appointment.

Are you worried that person-centered care will take up too much time in an appointment? We've asked the experts to address common misconceptions about PCC – and how it can strengthen your practice.
Every person with hearing loss goes through different stages as they come to terms with their condition. Understanding these stages can help you recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Children and teenagers with hearing loss have different needs than adults. We have developed a number of tools and resources specifically designed for your young clients and their families.

Show your commitment to person-centered care

Learn more about how you can join the Inspired by Ida network of professionals working to advance person-centered care.
Join the Ida Learning Hall where you can take courses on different ways to apply person-centered care in practice.

Support your practice with Ida tools

Help your clients prepare for their next appointment and manage hearing loss in daily life with these online tools.
Use this step-by-step process to help you introuce the concept of person-centered care to your team and successfully implement it in your practice using Ida tools.
The Ida Tools app gives you instant access to all of our tools and makes it easy to share them with clients and colleagues through your mobile device.