Ida Tools Recommended in ASHA Leader

By Amanda Farah Cox

A recent article in the ASHA Leader recommends Ida’s Communication Rings and Living Well tools as visual aids to help people with hearing loss prioritize their rehabilitation.

“A Framework that Puts Patients at the Center of Audiologic Care,” by Paula Schauer, AuD, recommends the Communication Rings and Living Well as visual aids that can support the COSI or be used as an alternative in person-centered care.

Paula also taps into the necessity of hearing care professionals being fit for the future in her article, emphasizing the increasing importance of audiologic counseling, personalized treatment plans, and that, “upcoming regulatory changes require audiologists to show that the efficacy of their services…it will no longer suffice to use the audiologic test battery alone.”

While the article stresses that Ida tools do not affect the length of appointments, it does not, however, mention the Telecare versions of Living Well and My Turn to Talk. The online tools can also be used to save even more time by having the person with hearing loss complete the activities prior to the appointment.

Paula is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Maryland’s Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, where she specializes in aural rehabilitation. She also worked on Ida’s Clinical Supervisor Kit, which offers a brief course to support students in clinical settings.

You can read the full article here and access Ida Telecare tools here.