Bringing Hearing Care to War Veterans at JDVAC

By Jeanette Blom

Ida Institute recently attended the annual Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference (JDVAC), held this year in Anaheim, California from February 6-8.

The conference is organized each year by the Military Audiology Association who provides hearing care for veterans as well as prevent noise-induced hearing loss in active service people.

This was the occasion to connect with new and old members from the Ida community and learn more about how audiologists from Veteran Affairs (VA) are working to meet the unique needs of American service members.

During the conference, Ida had the opportunity to present our methods and tools in the exhibitor’s area. Visitors expressed particular interest in our new suite of Telecare tools, confirming that telehealth is presently gaining more and more ground in audiology. Our Tinnitus Management tools also proved popular as many veterans have this condition.

The conference included many inspirational talks, a highlight being Sergeant Randy Dexter who served as a medic in Iraq. Today he is leading a more personal combat against PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). His story was a reminder of the fact that audiologists treating war veterans are dealing with patients who have not only had their hearing damaged, but in many instances also their lives – a fact which only makes the task of bringing hearing care to veterans all the more meaningful.

Ida was honored to be part of this event and we look forward to next year’s conference. For more information, visit the Military Audiology Association's website.

If you are interested in Sgt. Dexter’s story, you can read more here.