Becoming more person-centered through the Inspired by Ida program

By Clint McLean

From Cape Town to London, New York to Melbourne, hearing care professionals are becoming more person-centered. Evidence shows the approach produces better outcomes and more satisfied clients, leading many professionals to the Inspired by Ida program to develop their person-centered skills. 

Inspired by Ida provides free online training in person-centered care (PCC). By completing two online courses in person-centered methods and signing a person-centered code of ethics, enrollees can receive the Inspired by Ida label. The label can be used in branding to help differentiate professionals and practices from the competition. 

Learn to be more person-centered

Inspired by Ida courses are suitable for students, new professionals, and seasoned pros. There’s also a brand-new version of Inspired by Ida for support staff, and clinics can become Inspired if 80% of their staff have completed the program. Several major organizations have accredited the courses so learners can earn CEUs/CPDs while improving their counseling abilities.

Aarti Makan, Clinical Audiologist and Director of The Art of Hearing in London, said, “The Inspired by Ida course is a quality program with sound theoretical backing that provides excellent tools for easy implementation into clinical practice. The program teaches simple methods which enable a valuable transformation of audiological clinical practice. Signing the Inspired by Ida code of ethics is a commitment to myself and my clients that I will abide by the five principles in all my clinical encounters.”

Inspired by Ida courses are led by experts and use short videos, texts, and knowledge checks to usher learners towards concrete learning objectives. Each course is broken into bite-sized chapters, making it easy for people to learn at their own pace. It helps professionals gain a more thorough understanding of PCC and apply it in practice. Clinicians already practicing PCC can refine their skills and increase their knowledge.

Shari Eberts, author of Person-Centered Care from the Patient’s Perspective, said, “Inspired by Ida is an innovative way for audiologists to learn more about person-centered care — a philosophy that is not always emphasized in the traditional audiological curriculum. Many audiologists would like to practice person-centered care but may not know exactly what that means or how to achieve it.” 

Dr. Esther Fogel, owner and director of Comprehensive Audiology in New York, recently joined the Inspired program. She said, “Person-centered care has always been the mindset in our office. Taking the courses and becoming certified has helped us to incorporate these ideals into our practice more comprehensively and more effectively.”

Get better results and job satisfaction

In a 2019 survey of Inspired by Ida members, 98% of respondents reported Inspired by Ida positively affected their practice. Of those, 79% said it improved their counseling skills and 72% said it increased their job satisfaction. 

“Greater job satisfaction is a wonderful side-effect of person-centered care. The Inspired by Ida program creates happier, more engaged employees, which leads to a higher degree of staff retention,” says Ida’s Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen.

Silva Kuschke, head of the audiology department at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Africa, said, “After becoming Inspired, the clinic is now more conscious of putting patients first and delving deeper than before to get to the root of each individual family’s challenges. Our children and their families are at the core of our pediatric audiology clinic, everyone else, including healthcare practitioners, supervisors, and support staff are built around them.”

Empowering people with hearing loss

One of the goals of the Inspired by Ida program is to raise general awareness about the value of PCC and help people with hearing loss identify clinics that offer person-centered services. To this end, we’ve teamed up with, Healthy Hearing, and Hearing Directory. The sites identify Inspired clinics in Canada and the US, making it easy for future clients to find practices with the benchmark of quality for person-centered care.

So, wherever you are in the world, if you’d like to improve your counseling skills, produce more satisfied patients, and be happier at work, join the PCC movement. Join inspired by Ida.