hearing doctors of georgia

Hearing Doctors of Georgia become Inspired

By Clint McLean

The people of Georgia, US, have four great, new options for inspired hearing care. Dr. Tim Winstead and his staff at all the Hearing Doctors of Georgia locations have joined the Inspired by Ida program. The Inspired by Ida label is a benchmark of quality that demonstrates a dedication to person-centered care. To become Inspired, clinicians complete two online courses in person-centered methods and sign a code of ethics underscoring their commitment to PCC.

We asked Tim about his clinics and his experience with the Inspired program.

What is your clinic’s superpower?

Changing lives with the gift of better hearing.

What are three words that describe the Inspired by Ida program?

Intriguing, self-evaluating, comprehensive.

Why did you enroll in the Inspired by Ida program?

To improve our clinical skills through a program that has established criteria. We loved the idea of being able to use verified protocols to establish a more patient focused style of practicing. 

What changed in your practice after completing Inspired by Ida?

How we interview and counsel patients in that we are able to be more personal with our approach and avoid asking “canned” questions.

What does person-centered care mean to your clients?

It means they feel more involved and they feel like we are really listening to them and their individual needs. Medical visits can become routine and disconnected. Our patients can now tell that we genuinely care about their situation and are developing a more personalized treatment plan.

Any advice for audiologists who aren’t practicing person-centered care?

As we sometimes tell our patients, until you try it, you cannot imagine the benefits.

If your clinic was an animal, what would it be and why?

A hearing dog of course. We are willing to do just about anything our patients ask, dedicate ourselves to them and their wellbeing, and are always waiting with smiles when they are ready to return to us.