A global vision for person-centered hearing care

The Person-Centered Hearing Network (PCHN) recently joined online from different locations around the world to inspire and support each other – and share learnings from their initiatives to enable delivery of great hearing care. This year, the members shared their work and visions in the form of PechaKuchas – a fun and short visual storytelling format used to share information and evoke emotion.

See below the PechaKuchas from eight of our partners about what 2022 brought for them.

University of Cape Town

Adult rehabilitation - Person-centered care in practice

Presenter: Nuha Khatib

Aston University

A house model of person-centered care

Presenters: Claire Wilkes and Saira Hussain

Utah State University

Prioritizing person-centered care implementation at the clinic and educational levels – Inspired by Ida

Presenter: Brittan Barker

Students’ voices to the forefront

First global, student-led conference on person-centered care

Presenter: Louise Nell


Centred on people – increasing empathy to tackle hearing loss stigma

Presenter: Caitlin Barr

Ida Institute South Africa chapter

Information-sharing and support of PCC implementation through a Facebook group

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Partnering for great hearing care

Presenter: Tricia Ashby-Scabis

Thank you to our partners who joined, we’ve learned so much from your PechaKuchas! To our partners who could not make it, you were greatly missed! See you next year.