elements of person-centered care

New Learning Hall course on the six elements of person-centered care

By Amanda Farah Cox

Person-centered care is multi-faceted, and becoming a proficient, person-centered hearing care practitioner requires considering a client’s needs from different angles. The Ida Institute’s new Learning Hall course, “Understanding the Elements of PCC,” provides a comprehensive overview of the different factors in a person-centered approach over six short modules. 

The modules are composed of easily digestible lessons that highlight practical ways the elements of person-centered care can be applied in an appointment. Each module can be taken individually to help strengthen specific skill sets, but content of the modules is also connected to provide an over-arching understanding of person-centered methods.

Ida called on an international panel of experts to help us develop and deliver the course material. Here is an overview of the modules.

  • Active Listening explains the practice of active listening, why it’s valuable, and how to implement it in your appointments. Presented by Kris English, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Audiology at the University of Akron, Ohio, US.
  • Conversations Based on Open-Ended, Reflective Questions demonstrates how to use this interviewing technique to get more complete information from your clients. Presented by Kris English.
  • Empathy looks at the psychological basis of empathy, how client stories can affect clinicians, and how to exhibit empathy to build a rapport with a client. Presented by Deborah Ferrari, PhD, Professor of Audiology at the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Department, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Involvement of Family and Friends reviews how to include communication partners in an appointment. Presented by Dr. Katie Ekberg of the University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Shared Decision-Making looks at the evidence base for setting goals with your clients and how to directly involve them in decision-making. Presented by Dr. Helen Pryce, Senior Lecturer of Audiology, Life and Health Sciences at Aston University, UK.
  • Understanding of Individual Preferences and Needs explores different ways of assessing a client’s needs and creating a space for them to openly express their personal preferences. Presented by Bridgitte Harley, Clinical Audiologist and Director at the Hearing Clinic, UK.

Ida introduced the six elements of person-centered care in an article last year. The new course is a way of making these components tangible for clinicians.

“Our aim is to take person-centered care beyond the theoretical by providing specific examples of person-centered techniques that support each of the elements,” says Ida Senior Audiologist Cherilee Rutherford. “We see these elements as foundational building blocks of a person-centered practice. This new course offers methods to help clinicians strengthen individual aspects of how they practice.”

The modules of “Understanding the Elements of PCC” all stand alone as individual lessons. You can also complete all six and qualify for CEU/CPD points. Like all of our Learning Hall courses, “Understanding the Elements of PCC” is available for free.