Ida Tools Presented in China and USA

By Amanda Farah Cox

Ida fellows have been spreading the word about the institute’s tools at different conferences around the world. Recent presentations at conferences in China and the United States have brought our pediatric tools to new audiences.

Priya Carling was invited to participate in a series of workshops as part of the Beijing Audiology Forum and the Beijing, China-UK Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting and Rehabilitation Workshop. The four-day conference, which was held at the Tongren Hospital in Beijing in August, covered a variety of topics, including a presentation by Priya on family-centered rehabilitation. The presentation was given at a workshop to an audience of approximately 40 hearing care professionals and students.

“In my talk on family-centered rehabilitation, I decided to introduce the My World tool,” says Priya. “This was a good tool for them because it didn’t need translation, a part from the brief forms in the tool. Everything else can be easily adapted.”

Elsewhere in the Ida universe, Cheryl DeConde Johnson presented the Transitions Management platform at the Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association Conference in Overland Park, USA, in September. The hour-and-a-half presentation covered the broader concept behind transitions for children and teens with hearing loss, how to discuss options and opportunities for families going through transitions, as well as introducing the Transitions Management platform as a means of promoting self-determination.

About the Speakers

Priya is a former director of education and senior lecturer at the Ear Institute at University College London and is in the process of setting up a private practice focusing on rehabilitation in adults and children. Cheryl is an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona and Salus University, a co-founder and board member of Hands & Voices, and contributed to the development of the Transitions Management platform.

Thank you Priya and Cheryl for helping us share our work!

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