Ida Presenting at the Eriksholm Summer Camp

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Eriksholm Research Centre has invited the Ida Institute back to present at its annual Summer Camp. Ida representatives will give 60 students an introduction to person-centered care.

The presentation will include a screening of the ethnographic video “I Don’t Like Gaudiness, I Don’t Like Loudness,” to explain the different phases of the Patient Journey. Students will then be introduced to the Patient Journey and Circle tools to help explain the different experiences of people with hearing loss and their readiness to take action on their hearing loss.

The ethnographic video will be used as a jumping off point for discussions and reflective exercises. By explaining the different phases of the hearing loss journey as illustrated in the tools, Ida aims to help hearing care professionals make appropriate recommendations for treatment by presenting points to assess the client’s motivation.

“The Eriksholm Summer Camp is a great opportunity to meet audiology students and share our work with them,” says Ida Institute project manager Bert Meijers. “We’re looking forward to hearing about their studies and how they might benefit from person-centered care.”

The Eriksholm Summer Camp is an annual event that brings together audiology students from around the world for a weekend of lectures and activities at the Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark. To learn more about Eriksholm, visit their website.