Ida Launches Telecare Tools for Teens and Tweens

By Amanda Farah Cox

Ida is pleased to announce the launch of our Telecare platform for Teens and Tweens. The platform includes new versions of My Turn to Talk, Why Improve My Hearing?, and Living Well Online, reformatted for young adults.

The tools are adaptations of our popular Telecare platform, reformatted to help a younger audience describe how they are affected by the hearing impairments and what their daily lives and communication situations are like. They specifically address the needs of teens and young adults with hearing loss and equip them to make decisions related to their hearing loss that are right for them. The tools can help teens and tweens prioritize which communication situations they would like to improve and who the key people in their lives are to help them accomplish this.

By sending the Telecare for Teens and Tweens tools to your young clients prior to their appointments, you can extend your care beyond your clinic. Giving young adults a structured way to think about their hearing and daily interactions outside of the appointment can lead to more efficient, productive conversations when you do meet, as the teens and tweens will already be prepared for the discussions.

Ida will be launching mobile-optimized versions of all of our Telecare tools in January, as well as adding three new tools. The new tools will also include adaptions for teens and tweens.

Click here to visit Telecare for Teens and Tweens.