Ida Launches New Telecare Tools: Dilemma Game and Tinnitus Thermometer

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is pleased to announce the redesign and expansion of our Telecare platform. Following the popularity of our original tools – Living Well, Why Improve My Hearing, and My Turn to Talk – we have added two new tools to the platform:

The Tinnitus Thermometer is a direct digital translation of the popular Tinnitus Management tool Ida launched over the summer. The Telecare version of the Tinnitus Thermometer asks users to describe how they are experiencing tinnitus at the moment they complete the tool, helping them articulate their feelings about a complex issue. By completing the tool before the appointment, users can also give hearing care professionals advance insight into their expectations for the appointment, allowing them to prepare a tailored treatment plan. As with the original version of the tool, it’s suitable for use with every appointment.

The Dilemma Game is another professional tool reimagined for use by people with hearing loss. The new tool – which is based on Ida’s ethnographic work – provides different scenarios that people with hearing loss have found challenging. On the flip side of the card is three possible solutions, either technology or communication-based, and a prompt for the user to think of their own strategies to tackle the situation.

We have also improved the look and feel of the Telecare tools, which have all been optimized for mobile. Users will also have the ability to email their results directly to their hearing care professional from the tool, as well as saving their results as a PDF.

Visit the Telecare platform to learn more and explore the tools.