Ida Institute Announces Partnership with Hearing Loss Association of America

By Ellen Pucke

Ida Institute is pleased to announce its newest partnership with US hearing loss consumer group, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).  

The partnership is a component of Ida’s collaborative approach to person-centered hearing rehabilitation. It is also part of the institute’s new overall strategy to establish partnerships with key stakeholders in the field of hearing care, including leading patient associations, professional organizations, and universities around the world.  

“The aim of these partnerships is to develop and promote a person-centered approach to hearing health care across all settings,” says Managing Director, Lise Lotte Bundesen. “By partnering with various stakeholders in the field, we hope to extend our reach and identify new collaboration opportunities that will continue to transform hearing care worldwide.”

Executive Director of HLAA, Barbara Kelley says, “The Ida Institute is renowned for excellence and HLAA is pleased to partner with them. We appreciate that they value the consumer perspective and we look forward to bringing concerns of people with hearing loss into the conversation with the Ida professional community. I saw the benefit of this first-hand during the recent ‘The Hearing Journey: What Matters to You’ seminar.”

The Voice of the Patient

The collaboration with HLAA is also in line with the Ida Institute’s objective to strengthen the focus on the patient’s perspective in the development of new resources and tools.

The recent seminar “The Hearing Journey: What Matters to You?” was the first time people with hearing loss and representatives from a number of influential patient organizations participated directly in an Ida innovation seminar, side by side with audiologists and opinion leaders within the field of hearing care.

“The seminar was a fruitful innovation process that underscored the importance of sustained collaboration with patient advocacy groups. Working collaboratively, we can strengthen the voice of people with hearing loss in the design of hearing care resources and tools, and increase patients’ awareness of person-centered care. Our new partnership with HLAA constitutes another important step in this direction,” concludes Bundesen. 

About HLAA

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is USA’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss. The HLAA mission is to open the world of communication through information, education, support and advocacy. HLAA provides assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss, and raises public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular hearing screenings throughout life.