caitlin barr ceo soundfair

Ida Institute partners with patient organization Soundfair

By Jeanette Blom

The Ida Institute is happy to announce our latest partnership with Soundfair, the new and rebranded version of the organization formerly known as Better Hearing Australia Victoria. 

Soundfair will be working to support people with hearing conditions in Australia by eliminating the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions. They will do this by centralizing and developing solutions to overcome systemic barriers in the healthcare system and society at large and by improving people’s access to hearing care that focuses on the whole person.

“We want to create urban, work, and personal environments that allow fair sound accessibility for those with hearing conditions, recognizing the effect it has on them individually and on those around them. We want to be a ‘go to’ network who will help the under-served navigate life’s hurdles, instilling a sense of belonging within their community: socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and culturally,” says Caitlin Barr, CEO of Soundfair.

In connection with the establishment of the new organization, Soundfair has launched the Pionear movement – an initiative to which those wanting to advocate for better hearing and hearing equality can sign up to become members. 

“Becoming a Pionear means making a pledge to support the social and emotional well-being of people with hearing conditions. Hearing care is about more than just ears and devices. We want to create change across society to support people with hearing conditions and ensure care that puts people with hearing conditions at the center,” states Barr.  

“The Ida Institute’s mission to build a community that embraces person-centered care is completely aligned with Soundfair’s purpose and focus on the whole person.” says Lise Lotte Bundesen, Managing Director of the Ida Institute. “We welcome Soundfair to our partner network and look forward to working with them to make person-centered care a reality in Australia and beyond.”  

The Ida Institute partner network includes 23 influential organizations from around the world – including patient associations, professional organizations and universities – all dedicated to the advancement of person-centered care in hearing. Other Ida Institute partners in Australia are the University of Queensland, Audiology Australia, Better Hearing Australia (national), and Hearing Matters Australia.