Ida Brings Person-Centered Care to Telehealth with Telecare Platform

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is thrilled to announce today the launch of Ida Telecare. Born out of our Vision 2020 process, Ida Telecare is our new online platform to help clinicians bring person-centered care to telehealth in audiology.

Each of the tools is designed to help prime persons with hearing loss to talk to their hearing care professionals, to organize their thoughts before their appointments, and extend care beyond the appointment.

The platform currently has four tools that clinicians can email to their clients:

Living Well: A streamlined web version of our tool, featuring drag-and-drop photos, and the ability to upload your own photos. There is space to describe why the scenarios are important, and why they are difficult to communicate in.

My Turn to Talk for Adults: Like our original tool for parents, My Turn to Talk will help CI patients think about who they communicate with, and what questions they have before their appointments.

Why Improve My Hearing: An adaptation of our Motivation Tools to help persons with hearing loss assess their readiness to take action before they meet with a hearing care professional.

Top Tips for Managing Conversation Well: A collection of suggestions for how persons with hearing loss can cope with difficult situations, including ethnographic video clips to illustrate how others have dealt with similar situations.

These four tools are only the starting point for Ida Telecare. We will continue to develop new online tools throughout the year and in the future. We’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the new platform.