Ear Foundation Hosts My World Training Sessions

By Amanda Farah Cox

A series of training sessions with the Ida Institute’s My World tool are currently underway across the UK and in Belgium. The training sessions are conducted by the Ear Foundation as part of a collaboration with the Ida Institute aimed at bringing My World to a broader audience, including speech-language therapists and teachers of the deaf.

My World is an online tool designed to help children express their experiences with hearing loss, uncover information about the child’s communication patterns and develop strategies for daily challenges.

The training sessions are taking place at cochlear implant centers to teach professionals how to use the tool with their patients. The sessions provide attendees with an overview of My World, how it was developed, and the theory behind it. They will also be taught how use the tool and get a chance to practice using it. Videos of My World in action will also be shown to demonstrate best practices and provide an example of the advantages of recording patient sessions.

A representative from the Ear Foundation is facilitating the workshops. Sessions have already been held at the Southampton Auditory Implant Centre and in Leuven, Belgium. Upcoming sessions will be held at Great Ormond Street Hospital Auditory Implant Centre in London on March 10th and in Nottingham at the Auditory Implant Centre on March 16th. Visit the Ear Foundations website here to sign up for the Nottingham event.

The Ear Foundation will conduct a study on the benefits of My World later this year.