Updated Group Aural Rehabilitation resource features new guides and activities

By Amanda Farah Cox

Getting new hearing technology is a major step for any person with hearing loss. But while someone may be prepared to use hearing technology in theory, the reality of adapting to a new device – and its limitations – may be different than the person’s expectations. 

Group aural rehabilitation programs can support you as a hearing care professional so that you can meet more of the needs of your clients. By bringing together a group of clients and their communication partners, you can efficiently answer questions about technology, strategize together how to handle difficult communication situations, and build a peer support network among your clients. Research has shown that group AR programs lead to happier clients and lower return rates.

As part of our ongoing work to revitalize our tools and materials, Ida has recently revamped our Group Aural Rehabilitation resource. We have updated our session plans to cover more topics and include activities that introduce lipreading, clear speech, and meditation. We have also reformatted our facilitator notes and guidelines to make it even easier to run a group session. Whether you’re starting a group for the first time or looking for new activities to try with your current group, Group AR is a comprehensive source of materials to make your program a success.

To learn more about how to start your own group and get inspiration for sessions, visit our Group AR page.