Upcoming Transitions Management Presentation on Audiology Online

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute is pleased to announce our next webinar for Audiology Online.

Ida Associate Director, Ena Nielsen, will present “Helping Children and Teens Navigate Transitions Successfully” on October 23rd at 1pm EST. The presentation will look at times of change for young people aged three to six, nine to 12, and 18+. It will present examples from the platform of different milestones that should be reached and activities families can work on together to help children achieve those milestones.

The presentation will use the ethnographic video “I Brought it to the Kitchen Table” as a case study about young people navigating periods of transition in their youth and adolescence. The video will provide a discussion point for how families, educators, and hearing care professionals can support young people at these times of transition.

The presentation will also touch upon the theory of self-determination and what milestones children need to reach at different ages to support their emotional well-being. Ena will discuss how the Transitions Management platform can be used to facilitate self-determination and how professionals and families can get started using the platform.

The Transitions Management presentation will be uploaded to the Audiology Online archives after the live recording. Visit the Audiology Online website to see all past Ida Institute presentations.