New "My World" Pediatric Counseling Tool Launched

By Timothy Cooke

Ida’s new My World pediatric counseling tool can help give the child a voice and ensure that they are an active participant in the rehabilitation process.

On 5 December, we launched the My World tool at a workshop in Manchester, UK. Over 40 hearing care professionals (HCPs) attended the interactive, collaborative workshop.

The My World tool can help facilitate an understanding of hearing loss from the child’s point of view. It can help the HCP uncover information about the child’s communication challenges, reinforce positive patterns, and formulate a strategy for coping with challenges.

The tool consists of three different environments: a classroom, a home and an outdoor area. The child can place movable figures and everyday objects in the various environments. This activity helps them describe their communication challenges and successes in every-day life.

The Manchester workshop provided participants a hands-on introduction to the My World tool. Guest speaker Ms. Gwen Carr, Deputy Director of the England NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, addressed the potential of the tool to support effective communication with young children in clinical settings.

During the day, participants discussed the challenges related to managing a child’s hearing loss. They explored these challenges from the perspective of the HCP, the child, and the parent. Through interactive role-play exercises, the participants received hands-on experience with the tool.

The workshop identified a number of important questions:

• How to best introduce and present the tool during the consultation session?

• How to phrase open-ended questions?

• How to prioritize the different areas of concern identified in the appointment?

We plan to hold more workshops on the My World tool next year. The next one will take place in London on 19 March. You will soon be able to register on the Ida website.

 The My World tool can be purchased on the Ida Website.