New Audiology Online Presentation on Ida Telecare

By Amanda Farah Cox

The Ida Institute will be hosting its next Audiology Online webinar this coming Wednesday, 21 September. Ida eLearning and Innovation Specialist Jamie Owen will give the presentation, "Telehealth in Audiology: Engaging and Motivating Patients Online," focusing on telehealth and Ida’s Telecare Tools.

The presentation will look at telehealth in the broadest sense, introducing participants to the concept, Ida’s work with it through our Vision 2020 process, and the emerging trends we’ve identified. We will highlight the benefits of telehealth for both clinicians and people with hearing loss. There will also be an introduction to the Ida Telecare platform and how hearing care professionals can bring person-centered care into teleaudiology. Participants in the presentation will be eligible for CEUs.

As part of the presentation, Jamie has asked three members of the Ida community to help us continue the discussion in our Forum. Jodi Contor, Frances Lockhart, and Beth Atkinson will share how they use teleheath in their practices, what investments they have made, what barriers they have overcome to make the implementation successful, and what advantages they have reaped from using telehealth.

Click here to join the discussion in our Forum.

The Audiology Online presentation will take place live at 12EST. If you can’t listen live, the presentation will be available through an archive, along with all of our previous presentations, here.