Integrate person-centered care in your practice with the new and improved Change Guide

By Amanda Farah Cox

Clients expectations for personalized hearing care are continuing to grow. But while clinicians and clinic managers may be committed to running their clinic in a person-centered way, they may still encounter challenges in their efforts to meet their clients’ wants and needs.

The Change Guide is designed to make change processes easier for clinics. The step-by-step guide helps a facilitator introduce the concept of person-centered care to their team, build a consensus on actionable points among colleagues, and get everyone working together towards shared goals. The Change Guide uses an appreciative approach to help team members focus on what is already working well in the clinic and reframe obstacles so that they can be used to the team’s advantage.

As part of our own appreciative change process, the Ida institute has recently revamped the Change Guide. The process is now focused on two tracks: Mindset Change and Practice Change. 
Mindset Change is useful when a team is new to the concept of person-centered care. The process explains what PCC is and what the benefits are for clinicians and their clients. The Mindset Change process helps the team build consensus on shared goals and what they hope to achieve.

Practice Change is the process through which the team agrees on their own step-by-step plan to implement PCC in the practice. Teams can start by discussing what is working well for them today and what it would take for them to be more person-centered. Different team members can choose tasks to complete to help the clinic reach its goal. Our Spider Web can help the facilitator monitor the team’s progress and collect feedback from colleagues participating in the change process.

As part of updating the Change Guide, we have also reformatted our facilitator notes to make it even easier to run a change process, whether you’re an experienced facilitator or a first-timer.

For more information on how to start a change process, examples of action plans, and videos showing processes, visit our Change Guide page.